Teen Wolf Spoilers: Executive Producer Jeff Davis Teases ‘Deliciously Evil’ Season 3
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Teen Wolf Spoilers: Executive Producer Jeff Davis Teases ‘Deliciously Evil’ Season 3

With tonight's Teen Wolf Season 3 premiere, viewers must already be going crazy with questions about the show's future.

Executive Producer Jeff Davis hopped on on the show's official Tumblr Sunday to answer questions from fans. Needless to say, he was very vague with his answers. But then again, at least we have a little bit to go off of in regards to the show's future, right? In this case, some news is good news.

Jeff was was happy to answer what he could, barring that there were no major spoilers. Check out some of the most important questions questions and his totally teasing answers below.

Q: Excuse me Mr Davis, please don’t ever stop... (@sourirpourmoi)

A: I had a meeting with MTV last week where they said the same thing. So long as I can get a few days off here and there haha

Sure, we don't know if anything is set in stone for Season 4, but it's good to hear that MTV is being really supportive of Jeff and the series. This isn't a hard answer to please us, but at least it gives us hope that there's life beyond Season 3.

Q: How evil is the cliffhanger between the first and second part of the season? (@suaine)

A: Deliciously evil.

Okay, so this cliffhanger sounds like it will be amazing! We don't know when the second half of the season will air, but as it usually goes, it sounds like we'll have to sit and wait on the edge of our seats for a few months. The second half of Season 3 will start filming in July, so maybe news will arise then.

Q: While writing the 2nd half of season 3, do you already have an idea of what season 4 would entail? (@tifferini)

A: Yes, we do actually. And it’s a bit jaw-dropping actually. We would be doing some crazy things.

As any good producer would do, Jeff seems to have one eye on the present and one looking ahead. Teen Wolf has been a good series in terms of planting clues along the way to give us that big shocking, aha moment, so if news does come about a fourth season, Jeff and his team of writers will definitely do it justice.

Q: Do you expect any of the new characters to stay for prospective future seasons already? (@glorfindelion)

A: I already know two who are staying.

Perhaps the most exciting answer of the Q&A! While we haven't really been introduced to any of the new characters quite yet, we will soon. And whether they are friend or foe, it's good to know that the show will be evolving and adding characters.

Teen Wolf Season 3 premieres tonight, Monday June 3, at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

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