Exes Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult Getting “Closer” on X-Men Set
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Exes Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult Getting “Closer” on X-Men Set

Are Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult close to rekindling their romance? Us Weekly has a story on the subject, with speculation on whether the exes may get back together.

Jen and Nicholas met while filming X-Men: First Class and dated for two years before breaking up this past January. However, they are now filming X-Men: Days of Future Past and they've reportedly been hanging out a lot on the Montreal set. An insider said Nicholas joined Jen and her family in a stroll around the city on June 2. The source also added, "They frequent each other's trailers, and they always eat lunch together."

However, even this source isn't suggesting Jen and Nicholas are back together as boyfriend/girlfriend ... yet. A pal told Us Weekly they’re still just friends for now, "though they're getting a lot closer."

We knew they were "still friends" even right after the split, but we were happy to see them out to dinner back in May, and openly hoped that it meant a little more than The Friend Zone. But even if they never leave that zone again, it's just good to see them together. Whatever makes them happy!

Source: Us Weekly