Dancing With the Stars Pro Cheryl Burke on How She Lost 15 Pounds
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Cheryl Burke

Dancing With the Stars Pro Cheryl Burke on How She Lost 15 Pounds

If you ask us, Dancing With the Stars pro Cheryl Burke has always been the picture of perfection, but it’s how she feels about herself that matters.

Cheryl, 29, talked to Us Weekly about trying all kinds of yo-yo diets over the years that worked for a little while, then left her gaining the weight right back. The two-time DWTS champ ultimate found a system that worked for her, and she lost 15 pounds — which is quite a bit for someone 5’4” tall.

How did Cheryl lose the weight, and how is she keeping it off? Well, on the workout side, she told Us that she and DWTS alum Leah Remini do 90-minute circuit training sessions together, along with their fitness coach. Of course, competing on DWTS is about as much exercise as a person can handle, but it’s the off-season that can lead pros to gain weight.

On the food front, Cheryl told Us she’s been focusing on “clean” foods and limiting her portion sizes, and that’s made a big difference. She cut back a little on dairy, to avoid bloating, and she now skips red wine in favor of 96-calorie tequila and sodas. She eats Greek yogurt for her metabolism, and snacks on berries every four hours to stave off cravings, but she still has a “cheat meal” every weekend. Us listed Cheryl’s daily meal plan, which includes lots of turkey bacon and filling lentils. Check it out here.

If Cheryl ever needs clean-eating inspiration, she can just talk to Season 18’s Danica McKellar, who recently shared her super-strict diet plan with People. And if she wants someone else to push her on the workout front, she could join Candace Cameron Bure in a marathon. And of course Cheryl’s own Season 18 partner, Drew Carey, lost 80 pounds by completely changing his lifestyle. They’re great inspirations for healthy living at any age!

DWTS Season 18 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: Us Weekly

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