Juan Pablo Galavis Explains His “Love” Timeline With Nikki Ferrell
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Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Galavis Explains His “Love” Timeline With Nikki Ferrell

Has he said it yet... or hasn’t he? There’s been a Hitchcockian level of suspense over the past few months about whether Juan Pablo Galavis has told Nikki Ferrell that he loves her. But despite conflicting reports, the man himself is indeed confirming that he hasn’t quite gotten there yet. However, he’s also explaining why he’s taking his sweet time with the L-word.

Juan Pablo tells OK! magazine that he’s being very careful not to “force falling in love” with Nikki. He explains that he’s still getting “to know Nikki in her house, at her job, on the streets.” (You know, like when you get to know people on the streets…) He adds that they weren’t able to live their lives in public until the show ended, so it seems they’re making up for lost time.

As for what love means to Juan Pabs, he says that being in love is something that “you just become,” and so he doesn’t know exactly when that will happen. While that sounds a little confusing, he says that he doesn’t know the English way to say that, so we’re not sure of the exact meaning he intended.

We’re a little bummed to hear that Juan Pabs feels behind on the L-wording, but we respect his optimism. It definitely makes sense to not rush into things, especially when there’s a child involved, like his 5-year-old daughter Camila. Plus, his attitude in this interview is much less combative than he seemed with Chris Harrison at his Bachelor finale, which we appreciate.

That said, we’re still keeping our fingers crossed that he says it soon, since they’ve been doing a pretty great job of living it up IRL. There’s always the chance that he has actually said it recently, since this OK! interview which was just published on April 21 took place back on March 29 during his Atlantic City club appearance.

We’re inclined to believe that it’s still relevant, since Juan Pablo himself tweeted the article today, writing “SHOCKER is that FINALLY you guys post something TRUE online @OKMagazine... Jejejej #Bravo.” That JPG, always charming writers… or not.

At any rate, it seems as though the story that emerged in early April about his having already professed his love was a tad premature. Patience, people.

Do you think Juan Pablo is right to wait, or does he seem overly cautious?

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