NeNe Leakes Explains Comment About Being “Too Good” to Be in Kandi Burruss’ Play (VIDEO)
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NeNe Leakes

NeNe Leakes Explains Comment About Being “Too Good” to Be in Kandi Burruss’ Play (VIDEO)

This week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we were a little surprised when NeNe Leakes seemed to turn her nose up at appearing in Kandi Burruss's play, A Mother's Love. Following the episode, however, NeNe was Andy Cohen's sole guest on Watch What Happens Live, where she explained her comments.

As it turned out, NeNe's decision was based more on doing what's best for her career at the moment and, more importantly, valuing her current friendship with Kandi.

When one viewer emailed in her question about why she thought she was too good for Kandi's play, NeNe responded, "I don't think I'm too good to be in Kandi's play. What I said — and I'll say it again — when you get to a certain place in your career, you don't have to take every job that's being offered to you. So I'm in a place now where I can sift through things. I don't have to take everything. I pass on so many things because everything isn't good for me and isn't good for my career."

NeNe then went on to add, "So, in order for me and Kandi to stay where we are, it's best we not work together… boop!"

Well, there you have it, folks. Really, if you look back at the history of Hotlanta gals working together on any project, whether it was a song collaboration, a booty workout video, or even a lawyer-client relationship, it's always been a giant fail. So, we think NeNe is definitely making the right call and we're sure Kandi can respect that.

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