The Originals Extended Promo: Season 1, Episode 5 — “Sinners and Saints” (VIDEO)
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The Originals

The Originals Extended Promo: Season 1, Episode 5 — “Sinners and Saints” (VIDEO)

We’re excited to see what happens on tomorrow night’s episode of The Originals — mainly because Elijah Mikaelson (Daniel Gillies) is alive and kicking! In an extended promo of Episode 5 (“Sinners and Saints”), we see the ancient vampire having a war of words with Davina Claire (Danielle Campbell) in her attic prison.

We already know from the synopsis that while Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is out being a protective daddy-to-be, trying to get down to what’s threatening his unborn child, Davina is going to confide in an unexpected ally — Elijah, of course — and reveal some shocking info about the witches, which leads to a “disturbing revelation.”

In the promo, Elijah is looking pretty sickly (we guess that’s normal for recovering from a mystical dagger attack by your baby brother) and is trying his hardest to win Davina over. Check out what they say below:

Davina: You don’t look well.
Elijah: Well, only this morning I had a mystical dagger embedded in my chest, so I’d say I’m holding myself together quite well. Davina, I believe you and I have the power to end a war between witches and vampires before it truly begins. I, by keeping my brother in line. You, by behaving as your true self, not some tool for Marcel or the witches.
Davina: And why should I trust you?
Elijah: Well, for one thing, in spite of a ravenous hunger, I have not tried to take your blood.
Davina: Why not? I’m the only one here.
Elijah: Even in my present condition, I would not feed from a child.

What do you think the “shocking revelation” is going to be? Will Davina and Elijah team up? Hit the comments and let us know!

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