Vampire Diaries Extended Promo: Season 5, Episode 17 — “Rescue Me” (VIDEO)
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Extended Promo: Season 5, Episode 17 — “Rescue Me” (VIDEO)

The Vampire Diaries is kicking it into next gear with this promo for Season 5, Episode 17 (“Rescue Me”). What are the Travelers up to? What does newbie witch Liv have to do with it? And are Caroline and Stefan hooking up? All questions raised in the extended promo for next week’s ep. Check it out!

“The Travelers are up to something big,” Liv says at the beginning of the 30-second vid. But what are you up to, Liv? Does this mean you’re working against the Travelers? It certainly seemed so in this week’s episode, given that the Travelers were trying to keep their goings-on secret from the freshman witch. Later in the promo, we see Liv throw Elena across a warehouse. Yikes! What is she up to?

Speaking of the Travelers, they still have Stefan as collateral and it doesn’t seem like they’re waiting for Caroline to hold up her end of the bargain: “Tell me where to find your doppelganger,” Sloan commands of Stefan. Please don’t torture him again! Stefan has been through enough this season.

We also get our first good glimpse at Stefan’s doppelganger — and he’s predictably adorable, though his signature characteristic seems to be scruffy hair over hero hair. Later in the promo, we see Caroline standing over him as he wakes up abruptly on what looks like a mortuary slab. Has she turned him into a vamp?

Um...guys. There’s also a shot of Stefan and Caroline lying together on a bed. Stefan has his hand on Caroline’s cheek and they’re staring into one another’s eyes. It’s at :07, if you want to check it out. This looks like more than “a special moment of friendship” to us. That is Stefan, right? Not his doppelganger? There are too many Paul Wesley-faced characters to keep track of!

Elsewhere, Elena is waking up next to Damon after their hot sex romp that ended this week’s episode. “Last night was a mistake,” she tells him. Ouch.

“Then we should keep making mistakes,” Damon responds, all shirtless and tussled hair. You make a good argument, Damon.

“It’s very difficult to explain to your brother that you just woke up with the former love of his life and then broke the bed,” Damon tells Matt and Tyler over a drink at the Mystic Grill. Oh, brother.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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