Vampire Diaries Extended Promo: Season 5, Episode 6 — “Handle With Care” (VIDEO)
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Extended Promo: Season 5, Episode 6 — “Handle With Care” (VIDEO)

This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries will bring us the aftermath of Silas’ consumption of The Cure, and we cannot wait. How is the now-killable witch feeling? Pretty chipper, judging by the extended promo for Season 5, Episode 6: “Handle With Care.”

The preview begins with Tessa updating Amnesiac Stefan on the latest developments: “Silas took the cure. He’s a witch,” she says, followed by a shot of Silas opening the drapes using magic. (Show-off!) Next we see Elena looking like she just woke up from using Damon as a pillow. She gazes surprised and a little bit impressed at witchy and awake Silas.

“Today, after 2,000 years, I finally get to die,” says a cheery Silas. Seems The Cure has made him an annoying morning person.

Elsewhere in Mystic Falls, Bonnie and Jeremy continue their tale of tragic romance.“I would die 100 times over just to have you standing here in live in front of me,” the Bonnie tells Jer. Swoon. We’ve been kind of bored with the Ghost Bonnie storyline (especially given the awesome potential it has), but we have to admit that Bonnie’s sacrifice of her life for Jeremy is still pretty darn romantic.

“Now that you’re a witch, you can bring Bonnie back from the Other Side?” Elena asks Silas, who confirms. Yeah, we’re still not really sure why turning immortal strips one of their witchy powers, but whatever. Now Silas has his back. (It probably has something to do with “the balance” Bonnie’s ancestors are always yelling at her about.)

Jeremy continues his streak of being both the youngest character on this show and the wisest, by doubting Silas’ trustworthiness: “He’s gonna bring Bonnie back out of the goodness of his heart,” he says, apparently to Damon and Elena while Silas is still in the room. Can one be wise and foolish at the same time?

“Did you want me to pinky swear?” asks a snarky Silas. It seems his impending death has seriously cheered him up. We don’t think we’ve ever seen Paul Wesley quite so chipper on TVD. Neither has Damon: “Never quite heard that one before,” he says, ending the promo with one of his oh-so-famous quips.

Are you looking forward to this episode as much as we are? Do you think Silas can be trusted to bring Bonnie back from the dead? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of The Vampire Diaries on Thursday, November 7 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.