The Originals Extended Promo: Season 1, Episode 9 — Klaus Attacks the Werewolves (VIDEO)
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The Originals

The Originals Extended Promo: Season 1, Episode 9 — Klaus Attacks the Werewolves (VIDEO)

The Originals took a decisive turn in last night’s ep as Klaus and Hayley moved out of the Mikaelson mansion, Marcel bowed to Klaus’ power, and Rebekah revealed her betrayal. What’s next for the gang? More massacres and mayhem, if the extended promo for Season 1, Episode 9 (“Reigning Pain in New Orleans”) is anything to go by…

The promo begins with Klaus at a long table with his begrudging “allies” — Marcel, Hayley, and some no-name vamps. “Let us begin with a toast,” he says, raising a glass. “Tomorrow, I suggest you have yourselves a little wolf hunt.” Yikes! It sounds like he is targeting Hayley’s few remaining werewolf family members who live in the bayou.

“Klaus, no,” a shocked and distraught Hayley responds.

Klaus is presumably untouched. “Let the blood flow,” he says, in another scene. (Because, really, that catch phrase works for Klaus in any situation.)

In another scene, we see Hayley begging Klaus not to hunt the wolves. “That’s my family,” she tells him.

“Not for long, love,” Klaus tells her. It seems he wants himself and the baby to be Hayley’s only family. So misguided, that one! But Hayley doesn’t give up so easily. It looks like she will go to Elijah and Rebekah for help. We see her ask them to help the wolves on what looks like the grounds of the Mikaelson mansion.

“Do we look like a bloody vampire rescue squad?” Rebekah asks, sarcastically. Kind of. (And, for the record, we would totally watch that show.)

Also during this episode, we see Elijah seemingly struggling to resist his feelings for Hayley. “We cannot trust that she is safe,” a concerned Elijah tells Rebekah.

“You’ve fallen for her. Admit it,” Rebekah says back to him. We do love how she cuts straight to the point in these situations. But we’re not sure how long the siblings will have to discuss Elijah’s crush, as Klaus is still busy causing mayhem across town. We see him dictating orders in a bar -- well, one really: “Kill them all.” Who is the “all” he’s referring to? Hard to tell, though we do see some police officers getting thrown around, and a man go up in flames. Yikes. Seems like things won’t be cooling down on The Originals anytime soon. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

What do you think of the preview for Episode 9? Do you think Elijah and Rebekah will help Hayley’s family? And how far will Klaus go in his most recent campaign of terror? Sound off in the comments below!

The Originals airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

11.27.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Kayti Burt
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