Extreme Dieting Mom Gives Birth to Baby Boy — Was He Born Healthy?
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Extreme Dieting Mom Gives Birth to Baby Boy — Was He Born Healthy?

You may remember Loni Jane Anthony, the Australian woman who sparked outrage on her blog, by writing about her controversial plant-based diet while she was six-months pregnant. Despite — or maybe because of — her strict regime of ingesting mostly raw fruits and the occasional vegetable, Loni gave birth recently to a perfectly healthy baby, and this new mom’s not taking criticism of her lifestyle lying down.

The Stir reports that on March 7, Loni gave birth to an 8.7 pound baby boy, aptly named Rowdy. Wasting no time, she quickly took to her blog, stating that her baby is, “Living proof you don't have to become a whale while you're pregnant." Whoa, Loni. You do like to stir things up, don’t you?

The radically healthy mom acknowledges that Rowdy is sleeping well, feeding like a champ, and seems very happy. She also says, rather proudly, that with her continued fruit and veggie regime, that she’s been able to produce “plenty” of breast milk for her little man.

While most medical professionals think extreme dieting — or extreme anything — while pregnant may not be the greatest idea, they do acknowledge that it’s all about finding the right balance. Nutritionist Stacey Rothschild recently told The Stir, “I think you can definitely have a healthy meat-free pregnancy, as long as you are getting significant amounts of protein at each meal and snack.”

Well, if you want to diet just like Loni, you may be in luck! Her blog says she’ll soon be coming out with a cookbook, although ‘cookbook’ might not be the best choice of words, you know, since she mostly enjoys raw dishes.

What do you think, are we going to see a new trend in fruitarian pregnant moms, or is any kind of extreme diet during pregnancy not the best idea?

Source: The Stir

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