The Kardashians

The Kardashians Look Chic After Extreme Workout (VIDEO)

They say the family that gyms together stays slim together, and that’s definitely true for the Kardashians!

Kris Jenner and daughters Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian all hit up celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson’s Hamptons studio for a serious sweat session on Monday and came out looking as chic as ever.

Ever the dynamic duo, Kim and Kris both opted for all-black outfits, while Khloe chose blue and white leggings. Pregnant Kourtney showed off her barely-there baby bump in a loose white top and black leggings.

While Kim credits her incredible post-pregnancy slim down to a low-carb diet and workouts when she has the time, Khloe has been giving it her all at the gym and reaping the rewards of her hard work, completely transforming her body over the past year.

Although Khloe has admitted in the past that she doesn’t do diets, it’s clear that she’s gotten serious about her fitness since splitting with hubby Lamar Odom — so much so that even her other famed trainer, Gunnar Peterson, is impressed at her dedication.

Khloé works so hard,” Gunnar tells E! Online. “She's killing it in the gym. There are no shortcuts.”

What do you think of the Kardashians’ workout looks?