Ezra Is “A” on Pretty Little Liars: Crazy Fan Theories
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Ezra Is “A” on Pretty Little Liars: Crazy Fan Theories

We look trolling the Internet for crazy fan theories about Pretty Little Liars and, hey, with the way things are going down in Rosewood, who’s to say that even the craziest might not be true? Today, we focus on the man of the hour: Ezra (Ian Harding). Now that we viewers know he is “A,” or at least appears to be, what crazy fan theories have surfaced?

Ezra Has a Personality Disorder

One of the most popular “Ezra is ‘A’” fan theories circulating post-reveal is that Ezra has dissociative identity disorder, i.e. that he has two distinct personalities that are unaware of one another. This theory is not without official support. Executive producer Oliver Goldstick said that Ezra has a “Jekyll-and-Hyde” thing going on, referencing the classic 19th-century novella in which a man takes a potion and unleashes a darker, second personality. Could Oliver actually be implying that Ezra has a split personality, or is he just exaggerating the internal conflict in the character?

Ezra Has a Twin

The PLL Powers That Be have said before that they are not exploring the twin storyline, but that was in the context of Alison (who had a twin in the PLL book series). What if there is a set of twins in Rosewood, but it’s not who we think? That’s the basis of another popular “Ezra is ‘A’” theory making the rounds: Ezra has an evil twin who is responsible for all of the terrible “A”-related things that have befallen the Liars. To be honest, with a family like Ezra’s, anything is possible. We could definitely imagine Ezra’s mother continually covering for an evil son just to keep the family name in tact.

Aria and Ezra Are “A” Together

We Ezria fans will go to lengths to keep our OTP together. Most recently, this involves throwing Aria and Ezra together into a loving “A” couple. An offshoot of the “Aria is ‘A’” crazy theory, this speculation has three manifestations: 1) Aria is “A” and Ezra is helping her, 2) Ezra is “A” and Aria is helping him, or 3) They are both “A.” We’re not buying any of these. Much like our skepticism over the “Aria is ‘A’” theory, we just don’t think Aria would do that to the other Liars, or to her family. She has already lost too much to “A.”

What crazy “Ezra is ‘A’” theories do you have or have heard about? Sound off in the comments below!

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