Ezra and Aria’s Kiss in Pretty Little Liars’ Summer Finale — Was Ali Spying on Them? (PHOTOS)
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Ezra and Aria’s Kiss in Pretty Little Liars’ Summer Finale — Was Ali Spying on Them? (PHOTOS)

Ezra (Ian Harding) and Aria (Lucy Hale) kissed in Pretty Little LiarsSeason 4 summer finale, but their seemingly clandestine liplock did actually not go unnoticed. The Ezria smooch — a simple, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it kiss — took place when the two former lovebirds rekindled their romance during a poetry reading.

Aria had just been ditched by her current boyfriend, Jake (Ryan Guzman), so she set off to the poetry reading to both lift her spirits and indulge her artsy side. While there, she ran into Ezra. The two reconnected over lattes, and at one point, Aria leaned over and planted a quick kiss on Ezra’s unsuspecting lips.

But over in the corner, someone was watching the whole thing go down. A big, blue eye could be seen staring out from behind a cardboard cutout of an eye (meta... we like it), and we have a feeling that the person watching might just be Ali (Sasha Pieterse) herself.

Before the episode was over, we learned that Ali very well may have been alive this entire time. We’re also very suspicious that Ezra is the mysterious “board shorts” that Ali was hooking up with the summer she went missing. Did she and Ezra used to have a thing? Did he try and kill her to keep it a secret? So many questions!

Also, if Ezra and Ali did have a history... how weird is it that she’s watching he and Aria kiss?

So far, we have no proof that the big blue eye in the photo belongs to Ali. However, it does look a lot like her eye. Plus, the night of the finale, actress Sasha Pieterse posted an Instagram photo of the eye, writing, “Recognize this? #worldwarA #prettylittleliars #ezrA #Ali

Nothing’s for certain. But if we had to guess... we’d say the eye definitely could belong to Ali. What do you think: Is Sasha giving fans a clue, or is she trying to throw us off? Head below to sound off with your theories!

Source: Pretty Little Liars’ Official Twitter, Sasha Pieterse on Instagram