If Ezra Is Board Shorts on Pretty Little Liars, Where Does Ezria Go From Here?
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Pretty Little Liars

If Ezra Is Board Shorts on Pretty Little Liars, Where Does Ezria Go From Here?

Bad news bears, Ezra shippers! Ezra (Ian Harding) was totally outed at the infamous “Board Shorts” in last night’s Pretty Little Liars. What does this mean for his relationship with Aria (Lucy Hale)?

We’re trying not to freak out about the latest development in the Ezria saga. In the grand scheme of things, does finding out Ezra is Board Shorts really change all that much? We already knew he was hiding some major secrets from Aria, and that he likely had some connection to Alison. Still, we can’t get that mental image of Ezra kissing Alison out of our minds. At the time, Ali was, what, 16 years old tops? The dudes in Rosewood have a seriously shady habit of dating girls who are way too young for them.

In terms of short-term consequences, Spencer’s discovery that Ezra is the “Board Shorts” Ali was writing about in the “Love and Death” entry of her diary could have monumental consequences for the littlest Liar. If Aria believes Spencer, which is kind of a big if given Spencer’s recent foray into pill addiction, then she is going to have some serious doubts about who Ezra even is. This could be the clue that unfurls Ezra’s complicity in the massive “A” game (let’s hope so, at least), and ends the re-burgeoning of the Ezria relationship in its nascent tracks.

In the long term, it’s kind of hard to imagine how Ezria could bounce back from reveals and betrayals of this magnitude, but we’d rather the Band-aid is ripped off quickly so Aria can begin the long, difficult road back to trusting Ezra again something we would definitely not assume would happen, if not for all of the Pretty Little Liars Powers That Be’s insistences that Ezria is endgame. We think this process may be fostered by Ezra’s continued involvement in the “A” game but, this time, openly on the Liars’ side. We can’t imagine Aria agreeing to hang out with Ezra for any other reason other than the fact that he has insight and intelligence that could help them catch “A,” find Ali, or whatever other goal will present itself come the end of Season 5 (when we presume the Ezra is “A” storyline will wrap up). Basically, Ezria shippers, it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. But we think it will get better. Somehow.

What do you think the road ahead looks like for Ezria? How will Aria react when she finds out about Ezra’s betrayal? And how will Ezra redeem himself? Sound off in the comments below!

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