Ezra Fitz Is A: 4 More Pretty Little Liars Characters Who Would Be More Interesting Evil
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Pretty Little Liars

Ezra Fitz Is A: 4 More Pretty Little Liars Characters Who Would Be More Interesting Evil

When Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) walked into “A’s” lair, Pretty Little Liars fans around the world collectively gasped. Is Ezra really “A”? Could adorable Mr. Fitz really be the Big Bad behind it all? We hope so!

Ezra has been a pretty boring character since Season 1. Sure, he was always there for Aria, but didn’t you think it was weird how he was the only significant other who wasn’t clued into “A’s” schemes? Originally, we were hoping Ezra’s turn to the dark side would involve vigilantism, slam poetry (emphasis on the slam!), and black turtlenecks à la Ian’s role in this Smoothiez commercial but this new shocking twist is much more compelling. (Just look at all of these clues!)

There are some seriously juicy characters on Pretty Little Liars and then there’s the four listed below. We’re not ready to write these characters off entirely, but sometimes we can’t help groan when they show up on the screen. It’s not that they never get interesting storylines, it’s just that we would find them much more interesting if they were, well, evil.

Pastor Ted

Are we the only ones who read way too much into the signs outside of Pastor Ted’s church? Quotes include: “Commit a crime and the world is made of glass,” and, “They whose guilt within their bosoms lie, imagine every eye beholds their blame.” Sure, Pastor Ted could have just picked up on the incredibly high rate of crime-doing in Rosewood… or, he’s evil! And which one of those explanations would be more fun? Plus, we could wrap up the whole “Who pushed Ian off of the bell tower” debacle once and for all: It was Pastor Ted, because he works there and he’s evil! Done and done.

Mike Montgomery

Our villain makeover of Mike (Cody Allen Christian) isn’t even going to take that much work. Let’s face it, Mike Montgomery is already kind of a jerk (and he already hangs with a bunch of jerks). But, we’re okay with that - because his most interesting moments come when he is insensitively calling Aria on her lies. We think PLL needs a little bit more of that. Can Mike just go around Rosewood, exposing the truths that no one wants to talk about? We’re not sure if this would make him a villain so much as ridiculously stupid given that there are killers about, but it might in the eyes of the Liars who, at this point, have more to hide than most.


We’re not sure what it says about Aria that three of the boring characters on our list have her as their main sharer of screen time. Is it her fault for making their storylines boring, or their fault for making her’s boring? Was it the chicken or the egg? Wherever the blame lies, Jake has to go...to the dark side. He’s sweet and gorgeous and oh-so-dull. Right now, Jake is using his martial arts and two-stepping skills for good, not evil, and that’s just not okay with us. We’d much rather find out his cowboy boots conceal a blade that pops out whenever he does the right combination of dance moves. Double points if the boots he gifted Aria have the same feature.


OK, we’re going for it. We don’t mean Aria (Lucy Hale) has to turn evil evil, but maybe just a tiny bit evil? We’ve long thought that one of the Liars turning against the other Liars would make things more interesting. PLL toyed with the idea when Spencer went rogue in Season 3, but never really committed to it. We’d like to see Aria go off her rocker and over to the dark side, if only for a little while. Maybe it’s spurred by some kind of tragedy? Maybe, like Spence, her motivations are true even if her actions are nefarious? Whatever the scenario, an evil Aria would be pretty awesome. Especially if she had switchblade cowboy boots.

Which PLL character do you think would be more interesting as semi or permanent villain? Sound off in the comments below!

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