Ezra Is “A” on Pretty Little Liars: Piecing Together the Clues
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Pretty Little Liars

Ezra Is “A” on Pretty Little Liars: Piecing Together the Clues

Now that we're well into Pretty Little Liars Season 4, we're more convinced than ever that Ezra (Ian Harding) really could be "A." Why? Well, here’s are a few of the most compelling “A” clues we were able to dig up! From the cash hidden in his dresser drawer, to the mysterious meetings with Mona, and his penchant for typewriters, Ezra might just be the ultimate bad guy after all.

Pretty Little Liars has always been a little too obsessed with Ezra’s typewriter. Lingering close-ups made us suspicious of the contraption long ago, considering we know it is also “A”’s modus operandi. Still, we explained the typewriter away as just another quirk of Ezra’s character, but now we know the truth! Maybe that typewriter isn’t just around to prove Ezra’s emo artist street cred. It could also have more nefarious uses, like, typing out ominous messages to the Liars.

“A” might not have a drinking problem per se, but alcohol (whiskey in particular) has been a recurring theme for our formerly mysterious antagonist. Now, we are seeing Ezra’s penchant for whiskey in a whole new light. In Season 2, Episode 7: “Surface Tension,” Byron compliments Ezra’s choice of scotch he brings to an academic party. More than a season later, in Season 3, Episode 18: “Dead to Me,” we see “A” buying a bottle of that same liquor. Other cameos from the whiskey? For “A”’s own personal game of spin the bottle to choose his next Liar target. And, the “prank” pulled on Jason involving countless whiskey bottles left on his porch. English teachers do so love their themes!

Speaking of Jason, remember when he paid someone $50,000 buckaroos in reward money for finding Ali’s body? Very shortly after, Aria found a whole mess of cash in Ezra’s dresser drawer at a time when Ezra has precisely zero jobs. How did Teach get all of the moolah? At the time, we didn’t want to believe it could have been from the reward, but - in retrospect - it’s kind of obvious. A bigger question: Why was Jason not suspicious of Ezra’s information? And why did he not warn Aria that her boyfriend is a potential creeper?

Breezing right by Ezra’s claim that he couldn’t attend the Halloween train party with Aria because he had an interview...on Halloween night, we focus on the fact that Ezra totally pulled a Clark Kent, appearing at the scene of the crime right after the drama went down. He tells Aria, “I drove along the tracks until I found you.” Come on! Not only would Ezra not have any way of knowing Aria had been in danger, but - even if he had - there’s no way he could have gotten there so quickly...Unless he had been on the train all along as “A”!

Though Mona was “A” in Season 1, there’s always been an Uber “A” out there somewhere — someone who can call the shots while the rest of the tormentors are busy doing their homework, or sitting in group therapy. Back in Season 1, Episode 6, as fans pointed out, a tarot card reader revealed two cards: Lovers and Judgement, saying that one of Spencer’s friends was in danger because of her relationship. “It is a bad match because the man is filled with darkness and revenge,” she said at the time. Though we had our suspicions about who was being referenced, could the fortune teller have predicted Ezra’s dark turn?

During the Season 4 Halloween episode, Ezra was seen around Ravenswood, and it did seem like he could have been the person chasing the girls in the gas mask. And even if that's not the case, it's still uber suspicious that he was there at all.

After Ali died, Aria was gone for a year. But lo and behold, she shows up right before Mr. Fitz becomes a teacher at Rosewood High. He says he had no idea how old she was and that the bar was the first time they met, but he was a student at the college while Aria’s dad was a professor there. So, it would be easy to pretend that he didn’t know who she was, or even to not know how old she was, but it’s harder to buy that he didn’t notice her before, considering how observant Ezra is.

It’s not cheap being “A.” We saw the expense report, with thousands of dollars spent like it’s nothing — and some on a platinum card, to boot. Plus, with the rent on the lair (lairs don’t come cheap, ya know), a super-high tech set-up of computers with a security system even Caleb can’t crack (by phone, that is), and expenses like private plane rides and an unlimited data plan, it has to be noted that “A” has bank — and we’re not talking about one in a sock drawer.

The Season 4 winter premiere had several more clues that Ezra could be "A", most of which revolved around the theme of Jekyll & Hyde. Not only did he assign that classic tale of a good man with a secret dark side, but he also showed a bit of his own dark side in his conversation with Mona, and he told Aria that he wanted to try to be the person she thinks he is, implying that really, he's not that person, perhaps because he's actually super evil.

In the winter premiere, we learned that Ezra has access to an isolated cabin with a hidden cellar. Sounds like a good place to plot "A" evil to us! Then, in "Love ShAck Baby," "A" showed up at Ezra's cabin to steal Ali's diary — something Ezra had had his eye on the entire episode.

If Ezra really is "A," then "Love ShAck" gave us our first look at our mild schoolteacher in action, completing one of his devious deeds. Ezra came to Hanna's house under the pretense of wanting to talk to her about schoolwork, when he secretly knew full well she was out with the girls. Then, while Mrs. Marin was on a phone call, he snuck up into Hanna's room, logged onto her computer, and even appeared to send a mysterious email. If he isn't "A," why on earth would Ezra go through all that trouble?

At the very end of "Love ShAck Baby," we saw "A" hacking into the GPS on the girls' car, proof that he'd been the one to re-route them en route to the cabin. We didn't see Ezra's face, so there's no proof it was him, but the red apple on the table seems like a pretty good clue that "A" really is our beloved teacher. Then again, the skeptic in us wonders if this clue is just a bit too obvious. Could it be a red herring? Part of us wants to think so, but when it all comes down to is, the evidence for Ezra as "A" just feels a bit too strong to ignore.

Speaking of Jekyll and Hyde, how about that violent Ezra outburst in Season 4, Episode 16: “Close Encounters”? The usually soft-spoken Ezra went totally postal on a mystery blonde outside the Grill. He screamed at her as she drove off, pounded on her car, and yelled that she's "really screwed up." We don't know what this woman screwed up on, but we have a sinking suspicion that it probably has to do with "A." This was a good look at Ezra's dark side. Then, once Jake ratted him out to Aria and exposed that he'd been lying to her, a bunch of knives mysteriously appear in Jake's punching bag, badly wounding him. So just in case you thought Ezra didn't have a mean streak... think again. He's violent, has a temper, and isn't afraid to cause physical bodily harm. Yeah, things really aren't looking too good right now.

During Season 4, Episode 15 ("Love ShAck, Baby!"), Emily went to the Kissing Rocks after receiving a message from Ali. There, we discovered that the rock had the initials "EF + AD" carved into it. Yes, it's easy to assume that "EF" could be referring to Emily Fields, but we have a feeling it really stands for Ezra Fitz. Does this prove that Ezra is Board Shorts? If he actually had a fling with Ali (why else would they be at the Kissing Rock?), then it's highly likely.

Um, we're pretty sure this one makes thing abundantly clear. In Season 4, Episode 18: “Hot for Teacher,” we finally see the location of "A"'s new lair. It's inside Ezra's cabin! We watch him open the trap door, head over to the computers, and start sifting through creepy photographs of the girls taken earlier that same day. Ezra is stalking the girls from inside "A"'s lair. If he's not actually "A," then the show has got some very serious explaining to do.

Can you think of any other clues that Ezra has been “A” for the past few seasons? Sound of in the comments below!

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