“Ezra Is NOT a Sociopath!” Ian Harding Defends His Alter Ego
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“Ezra Is NOT a Sociopath!” Ian Harding Defends His Alter Ego

We hope you are all hanging in there after the shocking / life-shattering reveal on the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 summer finale. Sorry, we realize there were quite a few. To clarify, we’re referring to the fact that Ezra (Ian Harding) is “A.” As in the A who has been threatening “soulmate” Aria (Lucy Hale), her friends, their parents… um, himself? There’s a lot we have left to process, but actpr Ian Harding wants us to know one thing: It’s all going to be okay. Probably.

"Ezra is not a sociopath,” Ian tells E! News, continuing, “in my opinion.” Uh, a lot of help that is. Ian has only known about the biggest twist in history (sorry Toby) for a few months, so we’re still not sure that we can trust him. Especially if he really is “A.”

“Granted, the writers are the ones who control the storyline, so they could have a completely different opinion,” he says. “But I don't think that he is some like whack-job who is just there to torment people and then going to be like laughing maniacally in a straitjacket by the end of the season." Yeah, it feels like Mona kind of has a monopoly in the straitjacket department anyway, and white isn’t really Ezra’s color.

But how will PLL salvage Ezra now that we know he’s “A”? Or, rather, think we know… "I trust the writers. I don't think it's going to turn out that he's just this weird sociopathic killer. I don't think it would be as tacky and contrived as that. The potential storylines are all pretty interesting and completely justified by the stories."

Uh, but what if the writers really have decided to make Ezra a sociopath? Executive Producer Oliver Goldstick hinted as much in a recent interview. “What you’re really going to find out is this whole Jekyll-and-Hyde factor about Ezra — it’s going to blow your mind,” he explained during the Internet blowing up aftermath of the PLL finale.

Honestly, though, what we really can’t stop thinking about in this whole thing is Aria. Oliver and Ian both say that despite all the oh my gosh but what about this time she got really hurt realizations we’re going to continue to be hit with in the coming months, there’s something we can be confident in: Ezria still seems to be endgame. These two are in love, and no one is going to let us forget that.

Source: E! News

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