Ezra’s Secret Revealed on Pretty Little Liars: 6 Reasons This Makes Him Look Terrible
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Pretty Little Liars

Ezra’s Secret Revealed on Pretty Little Liars: 6 Reasons This Makes Him Look Terrible

On Pretty Little Liars, Season 4, Episode 20 (“Free Fall”) we were finally given an explanation for Ezra's (Ian Harding) sketchy behavior: he's writing a true crime book about Alison.

Ezra insisted to Aria that despite all his lies, he really does love her, and we have a feeling that the show might eventually try to redeem him and rekindle the Ezria relationship. If that's the case...

Well, let's just say it's going to take a lot to make us see Ezra as anything but a total creep.

Yes, it appears that he's not "A", and is probably not evil, exactly. If his story is true it seems like he's not looking to hurt the girls. But in our opinions this reveal still makes him look bad. Really bad. Here are the six biggest reasons why.

1. He knew who Aria was when he approached her at the bar. Ezra admitted he knew who Aria was when he approached her at the bar in the pilot. That? Is not good, on several levels. In fact, it's downright disgusting.

First, it means that his entire relationship with Aria was based on a lie — yeah, he may have quickly developed real feelings for her, but he still started things out looking to use her. Even worse, it means he knew how old she was from the very start. Ezra, a grown man, knowingly made out with a high schooler, who he was using as a source for a book. Unethical, creepy, and illegal, all in one shudder inducing package.

2. He stalked the Liars. You know what else is unethical and creepy (and probably illegal)? Straight up stalking a bunch of teen girls. Talk about an invasion of privacy. No book is worth crossing that line.

3. He kept investigating. Ezra claims that he stopped working on the book when he and Aria were together — but he started again when they broke up. Yeah, his feelings for her may be real, but they clearly weren't enough to stop him from using a traumatizing event in her and her friends' lives as fodder for his eventual fame. Also, again, it wasn't enough to stop him from stalking them. That does not sound like true love to us.

4. He has a dark side. He might not be evil, but he still yelled at that person in the car. He still gave Spencer veiled threats. He still tried to convince Aria to value him over her friends. He's still working with Mona — and even she seems a bit intimidated by him, which is saying something. Ezra clearly has a dark side. A very dark side.

5. Does he know about "A"? After basically stalking the girls Ezra either a) doesn't know about "A", which means he's a terrible journalist on top of everything else or b) does know, and hasn't you know, gone to the cops or something. Yes, maybe it will turn out he's been trying to help them from the sidelines, but this still doesn't look good for him now.

6. He dated Ali when she was in high school. We guess we'll give Ezra a bit of a pass on this one, since Ali lied about her age. Though really, she was really young, and looked it. Did he really believe she was as old as she claimed? Still, this isn't as bad as the rest of the strikes against him.

How does this twist make you feel about Ezra? Let us know in the comments below!

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