Pretty Little Liars Ezria Breakup: Marlene King Explains It All
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Pretty Little Liars Ezria Breakup: Marlene King Explains It All

Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) seem to be really dunzo right now on Pretty Little Liars, but with these two, it's hard to believe a breakup can stick for long. So how done is done? In a recent interview with ETonline, showrunner Marlene King broke down the breakup.

"There was something we were missing in their story," Marlene King explained. That something? The theme that existed in the beginning of the relationship: "these two characters who couldn't be together pining over the heads of other students." The breakup was meant to get back to that; "We're taking them full circle so we can explore and rediscover those feelings."

That said, Ezria fans have a lot of good Ezra story to look forward to now that he's not spending all of his screentime with Aria. "He's back at the school, trying to help all the girls get into college and out of Rosewood, so he's got great scenes with every individual liar this year," Marlene promised. Well, that should be fun!

What do you think: Is the return to early Ezria a good thing, or would you rather see them together?

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Source: ETonline