Faking It Stars Sound Off on Karma and Amy’s “Heartbreaking” Finale Scene — Exclusive
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Faking It Stars Sound Off on Karma and Amy’s “Heartbreaking” Finale Scene — Exclusive

Karmy fans, you may want to stock up on tissues for tonight’s Season 1 finale of Faking It. The episode, titled “Burnt Toast,” is an emotional roller coaster. (Seriously. Who knew someone could experience so many feelings in 30 minutes?) But no one is put through the ringer more than Amy (Rita Volk). After hiding her feelings for her bestie-turned-faux girlfriend Karma (Katie Stevens) all season, Amy finally come clean in the season ender. And trust us: the scene will break your heart.

Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with Rita and Katie ahead of tonight’s finale about the “heartbreaking” scene in question and why the tables have turned on hottie Gregg Sulkin. And make sure you check Wetpaint after the finale for even more scoop from Rita and Katie!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Let’s talk about the fan reaction to the show. They’ve really embraced it! It’s become a bit of a phenomenon.

Rita Volk: The fan reaction has been insane — from the first episode until now, as we’re going into the eighth one. That’s only two months, and I feel like we have this whole army behind us. We have a cult following! I love that word because there are only a few shows out there that have gotten that kind of passionate, intense following, and it seems like we’re on the road to getting that as well, which we didn’t expect. You go into wanting people to like it. I know Katie [Stevens] and I were shooting the pilot, and we were like, “Do you think people are going to like this show?” So it’s been a really incredible ride.

You literally have an army behind you, the Karmy Army.

RV: And they will kick your ass! Let me tell you.

Katie Stevens: They take no prisoners.

It’s probably the only show in which teen girls aren’t falling for the male lead. Because you have shirtless Gregg Sulkin in this finale, and I feel like the fans are still going to be more into Karmy.

KS: That’s the funniest thing to us because when we joined the show, Gregg was the one who had the most followers and girls loved Gregg. So that’s why I think it’s so funny because this is like the one instance in which people hate Gregg Sulkin. And he’s the sweetest person! He normally has all the girls fawning all over him, and now they’re fawning all over us instead.

RV: You know that when people are rooting for me and not Gregg, something’s off.

KS: Or not!

What are you talking about, Rita? It’s so easy to root for Amy. Since the first episode, she’s been so endearing.

RV: Well, you know, Gregg is a good looking guy! So ha, Gregg. Take that!

Faking It Stars Sound Off on Karma and Amy’s “Heartbreaking” Finale Scene — Exclusive
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One of the things I love about the show is how sexuality is so fluid for all of the characters, not just the queer ones. There’s a lot of exploration and self discovery.

KS: Carter [Covington] has been so great with not only my character, but also Rita’s character in not labeling Amy as a lesbian yet. He has her go to the lesbian coffee shop where she’s not really clicking with anybody, which shows she’s — at this point — only into Karma. That’s the only girl that she knows she has feelings for. It’s one of those things that she’s questioning, and a lot of people in high school are going through that as well. They’re trying to figure out what they like and what they don’t like. That’s what I think makes our show so relatable, not just to kids in the gay community, but to everyone. And it means so much to me that people have reached out to us to say, “Thanks for creating this show.”

RV: One of the things Carter and I talked about is that Amy is not straight. And I want to put that out there because a lot of fans have asked if she’s a lesbian or is she just confused. Some people seem to think it’s a tease. But it’s not one of those situations. She’s not going to wake up one day and say, “Just kidding! It was all just experimentation! I like guys after all.” We have a lot of fans who are really invested in Amy as a queer character, and we don’t want to take that away from them. It’s not a tease, and it’s not a phase. She’s not straight.

As we prepare for Tuesday night’s finale, what’s been your favorite scene in Season 1?

KS: My favorite scene is in Episode 8, when the feelings come out. Everything has been leading up to this moment between Karma and Amy, and it’s just a really beautiful and heartbreaking scene. And knowing that it was the last scene Rita and I shot together makes it even more meaningful.

RV: And it made us closer as friends as well. That relationship you have with your fellow actors, you’re not going to have with anyone else. So I really cherished that moment.

If you created suggested hashtags for MTV, what would the suggested hashtag be for that scene?

KS: Oh wow. #KarmyFeels? I don’t know. I would really not be good at this. Rita, you’re really good at social media now, so you should take it.

RV: What about something like, #TheTablesHaveTurned?

KS: #OhShit

RV: Oh, I have the perfect one! #FeelsHitTheFan. That’s the one right there.

Catch the Season 1 finale of Faking It on Tuesday, June 10 at 10:30 p.m. ET on MTV.

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