Faking It Stars Break Down Karmy’s Emotional “Breakup” and Liam’s Shocking Hookup — Exclusive
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Faking It Stars Break Down Karmy’s Emotional “Breakup” and Liam’s Shocking Hookup — Exclusive

Faking It fans, are you still breathing? The Season 1 finale was an emotional roller coaster — from Amy and Karma's heartbreaking breakup, to Liam and Amy's shocking hookup, this season ender turned the tables on everyone.

So catch your breath, Karmy fans, and read Wetpaint Entertainment's interview with Katie Stevens and Rita Volk to get the scoop on where Karma and Amy are headed from here.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Let's talk about that heartbreaking scene between Amy and Karma. Amy tells Karma how she feels and Karma clearly doesn't feel the same way. It was very emotional to watch. What was it like to film?

Katie Stevens: That was the first time that the director and Carter [Covington] actually came to us and said, “Who do you want to shoot this first?” So we had Rita go first, and we got her coverage first, and obviously, watching her get emotional, I got emotional. Because not only am I invested in our characters, but I also love Rita, and seeing Rita upset in the scene… the emotion was just so strong and crazy and sad. But it was also the very last scene that Rita and I shot together for the whole season. And you know, we [didn’t] know about Season 2 and whether it was going to happen, so we had to treat as if that was the last time we were going to work together and be together, which made it even sadder. We were just pathetic and crying for the rest of the day.

Rita Volk: I don’t like rehearsals. Anyone on set can tell you that. I kind of like to go in and do it and not overthink it. And that scene, we obviously knew for a while that it was going to happen, so a lot of it was internal, where I was ready to go, and like Katie said, we’re invested in the characters, but we’re also invested in each other. We were grateful to be in that moment together. It was our last scene together, and we were grateful that we had this opportunity to even be on the show, so there was a lot of emotion. And then knowing Amy’s struggle, and how hard it would have been for her to let it all out, I was completely overwhelmed by emotion. It really is just a sad, genuine scene.

That final scene between Amy and Liam was obviously a shocker. But this isn’t Amy saying she’s straight, as we’ve discussed. This was more of an act of desperation on both parts, right?

RV: It was. Exactly! You really feel for Amy. At that point, she really is in denial. She’s kind of frantically trying to get this girl to admit that she has feelings for her and Karma is not going to do that — at least, not in that moment. She’s just really trying to hold on to something that I think, in her heart, she knows isn’t being reciprocated. I think we can all see that was just Amy and Liam in a really desperate situation. We’re not seeing the reality. We’re seeing what we want to see, and that’s what’s happening in that moment.

Faking It Stars Break Down Karmy’s Emotional “Breakup” and Liam’s Shocking Hookup — Exclusive
Credit: MTV    

Are you ready for the Karmy Army to freak out?

RV: Oh my god. They are going to hate me.

KS: I feel like I’ve gotten a lot of hate on Twitter — obviously, because Karma makes some questionable moves — so I always get the angry tweets. But the tables will turn. I’ll still get some angry tweets, no doubt about it, but I know I won’t be the only one getting angry tweets, which gives me comfort.

RV: I, as a fan of numerous TV shows and movies, know that people mess up. The characters that we love are not always going to act in the ways that we want them to. That’s what makes them interesting. That’s real life! Things aren’t going to be perfect. Every character is going to have their moment to be loved and to be hated. Everyone gets a chance to be the good guy and the bad guy. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be real or interesting.

Well, that scene between Lauren and Amy showed that. Lauren has been the villainess this season, but in that scene, she’s really there to comfort her step-sister — in her own way, of course.

RV: Yeah, I love that scene as well for exactly that reason. Every good villain has his or her own vulnerability. That makes it so much more interesting. So we really see a different side to Lauren in that moment. And to everyone at that point. That’s why I think Epsiode 8 is so special. It really develops into some that, from the pilot is so different.

Let’s think ahead to Season 2. Where do you see these characters going from here? Obviously, their friendship is on the rocks and the events in the finale are going to make things even worse.

KS: I think at the end of Episode 8, you see Karma grow up, so I’d like to see more of that. Growing up is also part of high school, so it’s pretty realistic. I think just for myself, I think it would be funny to see a dinner with Karma and Amy’s families. Could you imagine Karma’s hippie parents having dinner with Amy’s conservative parents? I think that would be pretty great, especially if there was alcohol involved. But I’m an actress on the show, not a writer, and there’s a reason for that.

Faking It Stars Break Down Karmy’s Emotional “Breakup” and Liam’s Shocking Hookup — Exclusive
Credit: MTV    

Season 1 Karma was pretty boy crazy, so it would be interesting to see her take up another hobby in Season 2.

KS: And that’s what high school girls do! It’s all about boys, and then there comes a time when they grow up and they realize that there are consequences to their actions, and that’s what I want to see Karma realize.

RV: I think Karma would be great as part of the yearbook staff. I could see her doing that. On my end, I just want Amy to be happier. I want her to be more assertive and sure of her sexuality. I want her to be comfortable with it. This poor girl has really gotten the short end of the stick throughout the season — not only by Karma’s doing. Karma is catalyst for these feelings that I think would have probably shown up anyway. I want her to have an easier time in Season 2.

Maybe she’ll find a nice girl who feels the same way.

RV: I’m afraid to say things like that because I’m afraid people are going to freak out! That’s like blasphemy to the Karmy fans. They’re so invested in that couple. But you know, if it doesn’t work out with Karma — and I’m not saying it’s not going to — I really hope that her next love is not awkward or painful. I want it to be genuine.

What did you think of the Season 1 finale, Faking It fans? Were you shocked by Amy and Liam’s hookup? Sound off in the comments!

Crystal Bell is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment and our resident fangirl for all things Pretty Little Liars. Follow her on Twitter and Google+!

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