Fall TV Speculation: Which Beloved Couple Is Breaking Up?
Castle and Beckett
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Fall TV Speculation: Which Beloved Couple Is Breaking Up?


TV shippers, prepare to have your hearts broken. According to a blind item from TV Line, one beloved TV couple is going to call it quits — and this twist threatens to leave a lot of fans devastated.

Which duo is dunzo come fall? Obviously, that's left up to speculation for now, but let's go over what we do know from TV Line. First of all, the split is coming to a drama this fall, so fans of summer and winter shows can relax, as can those worried about their favorite sitcom couples. Second, this breakup is going to rock the very core of the show — which might be a good thing. Although it's a "hit," it's also "aging" according to the blind item, so perhaps it’s in need of a revamp. Third, it's a drama on one of the big five networks.

So, with that info in hand, here are our best guesses for which couples could be saying goodbye come fall.

Castle: Castle and Beckett

Sad to say, but this seems like the most likely bet to us. Castle is headed into its eighth season, so definitely aging. Splitting the central pair would certainly change the show in a big way — especially if they were too mad at each other to even work together. Plus, there have been spoilers about Castle spending time with a new woman, which isn't exactly encouraging news for Caskett shippers.

Bones: Booth and Bones

If it's not Castle, our next best guess is Bones. After all, with 10 seasons under its belt, Bones certainly qualifies as aging, and Booth and Brennan splitting for good would be just as big a deal here as it would on Castle. The only reason we think this beloved pair might be safe is that we already went through a breakup — or close enough — last season. Yes, they eventually worked things out, but doing the whole thing again so soon would just be repetitive.

Once Upon a Time: Snow White and Prince Charming

Coming in a weak third is Once Upon a Time. Is five seasons "aging" these days? Maybe. Because OUAT is an ensemble show, Snow and Charming parting ways wouldn't fundamentally change the story in quite the same way as our top two choices, but if the split seemed permanent it would certainly be a blow to the theme of good guys getting their happily ever after. Plus, there's no question this would get major blowback — it's freaking Snow White and Prince Charming. You can't break them up... can you?

Scandal: Olivia and Fitz

Olivia and Fitz are so off and on that it almost feels silly to put them here. However, if Scandal managed to put a wrench their their relationship so large that we actually believed that they were done forever, that would totally blow our minds. On the other hand, these two have forgiven each other for so much, basically the only way we could ever believe their relationship was over would be if one of them died.

Source: TV Line