Ali Fedotowsky: Getting to Know Family Isn’t the Point of Hometowns
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Ali Fedotowsky: Getting to Know Family Isn’t the Point of Hometowns

The Bachelor/ette Hometown Dates seem to go one of two ways: Either they’re super great and we fall in love with the contestant’s family and want him or her to win everything, or we hide our eyes and cringe the whole time. Rarely is there an in between, and rarely do we think, “Wow, keep us out of that family!” But according to Ali Fedotowsky, it’s not as big a deal maker or deal breaker as we might think.

You don't get a great sense of the family, but honestly it doesn't really matter, does it?” Ali says of visiting Hometowns in her Week 8 E! Bachelorette blog. During Desiree Hartsock’s visits, she stopped into four states to see four great guys. But while they each had unique family moments, Ali reminds readers of what’s really important: the guy.

“Would you choose not to marry the love of your life just because you didn't mesh well with his family?” Ali asks, rhetorically. “I would never let that stop me from marrying the man of my dreams. It would totally suck if he didn't click with my family, but at the end of the day, he's marrying me and I am marrying him. That's all that truly matters, right?”

Right, girl. Well, sort of. As fans remember, Des got eliminated from The Bachelor Season 17 after a semi-disastrous family meeting with Sean Lowe fleeing from a life imagined with Nate Hartsock as his brother-in-law. So, family does matter somewhat, which Ali acknowledges.

“I think the hometown dates are more about meeting and starting to get to know the families rather than seeing what one you fit into best,” she clarifies.

Lucky for Des, remaining guys Brooks Forester, Chris Siegfried, and Drew Kenney all had great things to say about the Bachelorette, and she seemed to like all of them, too.

Source: Ali Fedotowsky’s Bachelorette blog