Chad Johnson Gets Emotional About His Mother’s Death on ‘Famously Single’ (VIDEO)
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Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson Gets Emotional About His Mother’s Death on ‘Famously Single’ (VIDEO)


We had a feeling Famously Single would show a softer side of Bachelorette 2016 “villain” Chad Johnson, but this is more than we even imagined!

For the most part, the reality star has ditched his troublemaking ways since being kicked off Bachelor in Paradise 3 last summer — though he’s occasionally slipped back into them on Twitter.

But on his newest TV gig, Chad takes things one step further and even displays genuine emotion!

The beefcake, who turns 30 this summer, has been putting in the work to better himself of late — first opting out of Paradise Season 4 (whether that was his choice or not) and then trying to date someone seriously.

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Though we hear his relationship with model Zoe Baron is a bit up-and-down right now, the Oklahoma native is definitely making strides.

And after watching last night’s Famously Single, we think part of that might have to do with the come-to-Jesus moments he had on the show!

In a sitdown with relationship expert Dr. Darcy Sterling, Chad concedes that, while Bachelorette did make him look like the “bad guy,” he was responsible for his actions on the show.

That’s when he opens up about what caused the bad behavior — he was distracting himself from the recent loss of his mother to cancer.

He calls his mom the “most important relationship” he’s ever had, and admits he never had the chance to mourn her passing.

“I couldn’t think about it,” he shares, tearing up. “All I could think about was ‘Did I ruin my life?’”

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Not only did this death cause him to act out during filming, but he also maintains that it’s hurt his dating life off of the show.

“I don't like letting new people in that easy because I don't want to lose someone again like that,” he reasons.

“I know that's my mother and she was sick, but I feel like a lot of people take too many chances of being too open too easily and I don't really do that.”

It’s not just death that scares him — he’s also worried that he’ll repeat the patterns of his father, who left his mother.

“I sometimes tend to back away or in some way, sabotage it because I think I’m afraid of hurting them because what happens if we got married and then we had to break up?” he unloads.

Dr. Sterling then advises, “My hope is that you’re going to meet somebody. At worst, somebody who will be a great friend for life and at best, maybe a lifelong partner.”

“But you’re never going to know if you don’t close your eyes and jump. You have to try.”

Wise words — hopefully he was listening!

Famously Single airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET on E!