Vampire Diaries Fan-Made Poster Reveals Katherine Playing Puppeteer (PHOTO)
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Fan-Made Poster Reveals Katherine Playing Puppeteer (PHOTO)

The Vampire Diaries fandom is one of the most creative and passionate fan bases on the Internet. Don’t believe us? Check out this beautiful fan-made promo poster that caught the eye of TVD executive producer Julie Plec herself.

Wow,” Julie tweeted along with the poster in question. And we’re inclined to agree. The fan-made poster is amazing, both visually and thematically. It features a larger-than-life Katherine using a limp Elena as a marionette. Katherine’s hands are bloody from where the marionette strings have dug into her skin (and, presumably, from the blood she has drawn from others), and Elena looks ready to give up. Not only is the poster aesthetically elegant, it captures a thematic truth of Season 5 TVD, and, arguably, all of TVD, so well. Right now Katherine is literally using Elena’s body as a puppet as she pretends to be the teenage vampire.

In a larger sense of the series, Katherine has been playing Elena and all of her loved ones since Season 1. Heck, she has been playing Stefan and Damon since 1864. She is a master puppeteer, and she plays the role well. Though not without bloodshed both to others and to herself. It is this former, more personal cost that intrigues us most and has made for some of the best TVD storylines, in our opinion. Though Katherine may often get what she wants in the short term, she never seems to truly find peace and joy in the long-term. She tries to cut corners by manipulating people into loving her, but it will never be enough. Because the puppet strings are always eventually revealed, and then cut, and she is left with no one left to play with… until her next dastardly scheme, at least!

Well done, TVD fandom. This poster is perfect.

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