Fans Decode Norman Reedus’ The Walking Dead Season 5 Set Song Tease — U2 and Kleenex?
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The Walking Dead

Fans Decode Norman Reedus’ The Walking Dead Season 5 Set Song Tease — U2 and Kleenex?

Do you speak Norman? We’re not that fluent, so we’re trusting Norman Reedus' (Daryl Dixon) loyal fans to help decipher a message he shared yesterday about The Walking Dead Season 5.

*Filming spoilers and speculation ahead*

They should be filming the midseason finale (Episode 8) right now, and Norman/Daryl was just seen on set yesterday with his bromance buddy Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes). There seems to be a lot of action happening at the hospital location, which is where Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) is — or was as of the trailer anyway — and may also be where Carol (Melissa McBride) is, since previous Season 5 filming spoilers mentioned how she was hit by a car with a cross on it, then carted away by people dressed as cops. So she may be in the same boat as Beth.

That’s still speculation, but by the time Norman posted what he posted, spoiler fans were already wondering what was going down at the hospital. A rescue mission, perhaps? A big showdown?

Here’s what Norman tweeted:

Bring on the Kleenex? That sounds sad, but maybe he was talking about happy tears instead?

Fans are speculating about what Norman might've meant, and you can follow one Facebook discussion here. Some fans suspect he was hinting to a Carol or Beth death (hence the tissues), while others think he’s preparing us for an emotional reunion, since it's a song about love.

Here's the song, so you can hear for yourself:

Here's a sample of the lyrics:

Take my hand

You know I'll be there

If you can

I'll cross the sky for your love.

For I have promised

For to be with you tonight

And for the time that will come.

Hold on, hold on tightly.

Hold on, and hold on tightly.

Rise up, rise up with wings like eagles.

You run, you run.

You run and not grow weary.

Hold on, and hold on tightly.

Hold on, hold on tightly

This love, lasts forever.

Now this love lasts forever.

So will we need tissues for joy or sadness? A bit of both? What’s your guess? Even if you don’t have a guess, it’s something to tuck in the back of your mind for when the midseason finale airs at the end of November. Then we can remember how, in early August, Norman was feelin' some feels about what happened.

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