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Nina Dobrev to Her Fans: Don’t Get a Tattoo of My Name or Face (VIDEO)

Is Nina Dobrev creeped out by fans using her name in their Twitter handle to show their admiration of her? Absolutely not. But is the Vampire Diaries actress cool with people getting tattoos of her name or, more drastically, her face on their body? Not so much. Read on for more details from the sexy actress herself!

“I think it’s incredible. It’s the highest form of flattery, I guess,” Nina told HuffPost Live about fans showing their support on social media. “I love the support and they’re the most supportive, the most outspoken — maybe everybody says that about their show because they feel that love, but I truly feel so much love from everyone.”

It's great that Nina has such a connection with her fans, but the 25-year-old brunette beauty did have a bone to pick with the fans that take the love to the next level. That’s right, some people are so obsessed with Nina and TVD that they’re getting tattoos to show their adoration. How does Nina feel about it? We’ll let her explain.

“But the craziest thing that I’ve ever seen on Twitter — and I do not support this or endorse this at all — was someone tattooed my face on their forearm. And I think Ian’s face on the other forearm and then wrote TVD,” Nina said. “What if I quit acting tomorrow, OK, what if I decided I wanted to be a yoga instructor in Mississippi? Don’t tattoo my name or my face!”

We have to stand behind Nina on this one, guys. Nina and the interviewer brought up a good point about stretching the tattoo if you get bulky or having Nina’s face get all wrinkly and saggy when you get old — it won’t be flattering! Listen to Nina and never do this. We promise you’ll thank us later.

Would you ever get Nina’s face tattooed on your body? Hit the comments and sound off!

08.5.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Carson Blackwelder
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