The Bachelor Fans Are Rich and Educated, According to Ratings Study
Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group    

The Bachelor

The Bachelor Fans Are Rich and Educated, According to Ratings Study

They say money doesn’t buy taste… or does it? According to television ratings published on Deadline Hollywood, the top watched show in households with an income of $150K or higher is none other than our fave dating show The Bachelor. What’s number three? The Bachelorette. Boo-yah.

OK, OK, the rankings do come with a few stipulations. The list only takes into account non sports shows airing on network television, so none of our cable staples come into play in the rankings. In other words, Juan Pablo Galavis didn’t have to go up against zombies or the mother of dragons (that would not end well for el Bachelor for numerous reasons). Despite the whittling down of the competition, Bachelor Nation still beat out news mag 60 Minutes and popular sitcoms like Parks and Recreation. Who needs Morley Safer when you’ve got Chris Harrison?

It’s not just rich people tuning in to live vicariously through TV’s hottest hot tub makeout seshes, though. Smart people also love watching the indiscretions of our Bachelor/ette guys and gals. Both shows made the top 20 list of series watched by viewers who’ve attended four or more years of college. We’ve always known it was a good show (we marathon reruns every holiday including Groundhog’s Day and National Pie Day), but it’s nice that we have stats to back us up on it.

Are you surprised The Bachelor ranks so high with the rich and educated? Or do they need their reality fix too?

Source: Deadline Hollywood