Bachelor 2014 Fantasy Suites: Does Juan Pablo Have Sex With Clare, Andi, and Nikki?
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Bachelor 2014 Fantasy Suites: Does Juan Pablo Have Sex With Clare, Andi, and Nikki?

Juan Pablo Galavis must be exhausted after weeks and weeks of dates on The Bachelor. Think about it: he flies around the globe, meets a dozen family members, has grueling Rose Ceremonies where he cries a lot… it’s time for a nap, right? Isn’t that what Fantasy Suites are for? Nope, sorry, guys. While Bachelors past probably chastely spoon (with a pillow in between) with their chosen ladies, Juan Pablo is likely not going to do that.

So, will he have sex with Nikki Ferrell, Clare Crawley, and Andi Dorfman? Uh, who knows? Reality Steve seems to think so. In his February 18 blog, he writes, “I mean, yeah, he slept with all three girls on the overnight, that’s a given. Please, did you think he didn’t? With those three? I mean, you already thought he and Clare did in the water, so you obviously wouldn’t be surprised by that. Obviously we know Nikki did. And you don’t think Andi was down for a little romp?”

While we don’t know why Andi would necessarily be “down for a little romp,” since she barely seems like she likes the guy, Nikki and Clare were both this close to telling him they were head over heels in love with him. Making love isn’t too much of a stretch, then, especially considering the chemistry Juan Pablo has had with Clare all along, and the way he can’t stop kissing all of them.

Are you surprised that Juan Pablo supposedly has sex with all three of his remaining girls? Want to know which Bachelor slept with the most girls on his season? We have the answer!

Source: Reality Steve

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