Fargo’s Adam Goldberg Is a Father!
Fargo’s Adam Goldberg Is a Father!
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Fargo’s Adam Goldberg Is a Father!


Congratulations are in order for Adam Goldberg! The Fargo actor recently welcomed a son with his girlfriend Roxanne Daner, and revealed the happy news during a pre-taped interview on WTF Podcast with Marc Maron, which aired on December 18. In fact, Adam’s segment was taped months before the couple welcomed their son Bud, who was born just a few weeks ago.

“My girlfriend Roxanne is pregnant,” he revealed. “We weren't going to tell anybody — I mean it's obvious … she's gigantic. But we weren't going to tell anyone unless you ran into her." Not only did the 43-year-old father open up about his then-pregnant wife, but he also revealed that the two previously experienced a stillbirth with their first child, son Bix.   

"I haven't said this. I haven't talked about this at all. My girlfriend — we've been together for several years — we had a stillborn child about a year and a half ago. Of course I've talked about it, but not really in any sort of public fashion. Totally horrible, and also horrible because I had been ambivalent about having children," Adam explained, adding, "It was four days after the due date. It was horrifying and it was also my worst fear."

Since Adam’s segment aired, he took to Twitter and Facebook on December 29 to open up about his interview writing, “Normally I would address such personal business here, but given the nature of the posts, here are some musings and a — positive — update. Thanks for your well wishes.” The actor, musician, and photographer, then linked out to his Tumblr site, where he opened up about the couple’s difficult experience, as well as the birth of their son. 

“I feel we owe it to our new son Bud, to our first son Bix, and to those who have experienced such devastation, to exhibit this new double exposure on very old Polaroid film of an expectant couple and their future selves…this time holding their newborn son the night they came home from the hospital,” he poignantly explained in his post, which featured a snapshot of the new parents with their son.

Congratulations to Adam and Roxanne!

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