Farrah Abraham Reveals She Plans To Adopt a Child “Within Two Years”
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Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham Reveals She Plans To Adopt a Child “Within Two Years”


It’s been a few months since Farrah Abraham revealed that she plans to adopt a child — but now, we finally know exactly the timeline she’s working with here.

While in New York City to film the Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 specials, Farrah stopped by People Now, where she revealed her specific plans to add to her family.

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And the Farrah & Friends host already has it all figured out — she wants to adopt a little girl since 7-year-old daughter Sophia wants a sister, but they’re okay with either a baby or an older child.

"We're open to adopting someone who's not just – a child that can not just only be a newborn. But also a child that is maybe 3 or older," she said.

She added, “There's a lot of, you know, orphans that are so adorable. So, I mean, it just breaks my heart when I see things like that because I grew up around adoptive families and I've always wanted to help. So it's just a time and a place and hopefully soon I will be ready."

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When the host asked for a more specific timeframe, Farrah nodded and said “yes, within two years.” Pray for them...

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Back in December, the 25-year-old told Wetpaint she was already getting started with the adoption process.

“Right now we’re getting approved for the adoption and whether it’s a brother or sister, I just pray to god for the perfect child for our family and I know that Sophia and I are more than open for that to happen,” she said at the time.

But it looks like the plans have been a bit more solidified since then, so that’s great news, we think?

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Debra Danielsen, Farrah’s mom-turned-business-partner, seemed on board with her daughter’s wishes at the time, though she admitted an adoption would likely happen “down the road” rather than immediately.

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Now we just can’t help but wonder if Simon Saran, Farrah’s seemingly on-again beau, has any say in this?!

Until we find out, we’re bracing ourselves for Baby Girl Abraham #2. We wonder if she’ll adopt (get it?!) her big sister’s penchant for makeup...

On an unrelated note, Farrah also responds to the backlash she got after she compared herself to Kim Kardashian, so watch that segment below starting at the 7:30 mark: