Farrah Abraham Blames the Government For “F—ing” Up Her Life (VIDEO)
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Farrah Abraham Blames the Government For “F—ing” Up Her Life (VIDEO)

Farrah Abraham has many strengths (like waxing her kid's eyebrows and doing burpees), but timing certainly isn't one of them. On June 26, the same day the Unites States overturned DOMA and expanded federal benefits to legally married same-sex couples, the expatriate formerly known as Farrah not only slammed the good ol' USofA, but threatened to "f—ing bomb the government" for "f—ing" up her life. No, really.

In her new Keek video, "F*%# BOMB the Government! ! #overDWI SCAM @Keek (Vid) HAVE FUN" (we're going to assume that's a working title), Farrah lets loose about her grievances with Uncle Sam in the wake of her arrest for driving under the influence over St. Patrick's Day weekend.

"I wanted to give an update on this whole drinking and not driving situation that got me a DWI," she starts.

Editor's note: Farrah maintains that since her car was in park when police approached her, she wasn't technically drinking and driving and she didn't endanger anyone. She blew .147, almost twice the legal limit.

"So I passed my drug and alcohol class with flying colors because I got my certification, we already know this," she continues. "So then I had a DWI evaluation, passed that, but yet the people who evaluate you make sure to give you 60 hours of intensive therapy and then more."

Editor's note: Nevermind, we have nothing to add here. Carry on.

"So if you're going to be under the government and try to get through things and waste $4,000, they're gonna just f—up your life," Farrah concluded. "Have fun!"

We've got news for you, Farrah. Unless you're planning to live among the hill people of Papua New Guinea, you're going to be "under the government." And when you're an active member of any society, there are these things called laws. And driving drunk violates one of them. But we don't have to tell you that — you completed 60 hours of intensive therapy!

Look, we get it. We doubt Farrah's actually condoning terrorism, and fines are totally annoying and we cringe whenever we're forced to hand over our hard-earned dolla dolla bills to Mr. Obama. But there are worse things — like life behind bars.

Watch Farrah's little spiel below (warning: she drops a few f-bombs, so definitely NSFW!), and tell us your thoughts below.

06.26.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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