Farrah Abraham\'s Mom Asks God for Forgiveness After Posing Death Threats To Her \'CBB\' Co-Stars

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham’s Mom Asks God for Forgiveness After Posing Death Threats To Her ‘CBB’ Co-Stars


Remember when Farrah Abraham threatened to kill all her Celebrity Big Brother co-stars? And it started trending on Facebook? Well, apparently her mom took notice and is slightly traumatized by the incident.


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But first, let's rewind to Farrah's now-infamous comments. The reality star / pasta sauce producer / Passy Perfume author went on a slightly crazy rant, saying the following on Monday night’s episode:


"Oh, because I was going to f––ing obliterate the f––ing scum that you have in this f––ing house," she told cameras. "Yeah, and I’m just going to say this; if my f––ing flip-flops are not f––ing fixed because of your goddamn mouth over the f––ing intercom, I am going to straight up f––ing kill this whole f––ing house!"

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So demure, right? Anyway, Debra Danielson (aka Farrah's mom) hit Twitter after news of her daughter's death threats took the internet, and asked God to forgive her in a series of tweets:

Hear that, God? Debra is talking to you. Please take note.


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In other news, if you aren't watching Farrah on Celebrity Big Brother,  please move to the UK immediately and do so because her participation is literally life-changing in the best way. Not even her solo stint on VH1’s Couples Therapy can compare to this.