Watch Farrah Abraham on Comedy Underground with Dave Attell! (VIDEO)
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Farrah Abraham

Watch Farrah Abraham on Comedy Underground with Dave Attell! (VIDEO)

Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham can do it all, and her newest talent? Being a comedian. The hijinks, guys! Oh, the Farrah Abraham hijinks! As we all know, this gal takes her career as a sex starlet super seriously, but that doesn't mean she can't make fun of herself. In fact, Farrah made an appearance on comedian Dave Attell's new Comedy Central show, Comedy Underground with Dave Attell on Saturday May 17 to do just that!

Farrah was part of a "Faces In The Crowd" segment, in which Dave chatted with audience members, one of whom happened to be Farrah. "I've been up to writing an erotica trilogy," Farrah mused to Dave while he basked in her glorious presence. "Books, music, my sex tape…"

His response? "Well, I'm a huge fan of one of those."

Sigh, comedy gold. And fear not, Farrah also partook in some NSFW jokes about Dave being a fan of her work, and even made some not-safe-for-life hand gestures with her microphone, which have pretty much traumatized us.

"I hope that everyone enjoyed some laughter," Farrah announced on Keek after her appearance. "I love Comedy Central, it was awesome to be a part and stop by there at the famous Underground!" Flawless!

Also, call us crazy, but it might be time to start a petition for Comedy Central to give Farrah her own television show. Working title: Farrah Superstar Backdoor Teen LOLZ.

Did you catch Farrah's appearance on Comedy Underground with Dave Attell? Tell us what you think about her foray into comedy in the comments.

Sources: Comedy Central / Keek

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