\'Teen Mom\' Farrah Abraham Forces Daughter Sophia to Meet Fans
Farrah Abraham
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Farrah Abraham

‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Forces Daughter Sophia to Meet Fans


It's no secret that Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has embraced fame with open arms, but her daughter, Sophia, isn't always so happy with the attention — but Farrah makes her meet with fans, anyway.

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In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, Farrah chatted about the way her 6-year-old has become the breakout child star of the franchise. Apparently, she makes very sure Sophia knows it.

"I try to make her very aware," Farrah explained. "I think she already knows. She shines when she's in her class. She was Ms. Fashionista of the Year last year. She's a super kid. She wins her super kid awards every week.  I just know ... she's going to have an amazing career on her own."

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Farrah says she's also attempting to teach Sophia empathy to counterbalance the fame — but forcing her to meet with fans, even when she doesn't want to.

"Sophia is so quick to be like, 'I don't wanna take a photo,' or, 'I don't really want to talk to them,'" she explained. "I understand that there's a lot of people on us a lot of time and it's a lot of giving, but I also want her to know that these people probably waited hours to meet her ... So it's just really helping her be more, I guess, empathetic, with her fans, and really knowing what they're going through to meet her."

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It's definitely important for Farrah to make sure Sophia appreciates her fans, so that's great. On the other hand, she's only six! Can you blame the cutie for getting a little tired of it all at time?

Teen Mom OG premieres Monday, January 4 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.