Farrah Abraham Gives Tori Spelling Advice: “Look After Your Children!”
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Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham Gives Tori Spelling Advice: “Look After Your Children!”

Farrah Abraham is full of wisdom, and let's be real: all of us could benefit from her insightful and God-like musings. This Backdoor Teen Mom has all kinds of advice for both us mere mortals as well her fellow celebrities, and she recently shared her two cents on Tori Spelling's cheating drama with her husband, Dean McDermott.

Apparently, Dean is somewhat of a serial cheater (that's the understatement of the century), and Saint Farrah thinks Tori should kick him to the curb. “It’s best to move on, Tori!” Farrah muses to Life & Style. “She needs to look after their children!”

So wise, Farrah. So wise. And while girlfriend knows approximately zero about the intimate details of Tori and Dean's marriage, we're sure she's totally qualified to dish this advice. After all, Farrah has been through a lot during her time as a pasta sauce producer / not-porn star / bestselling author.

She knows what's up, and told Life & Style that infidelity is a definite deal-breaker. “I would not tolerate someone cheating on me,” Farrah reveals.

So, how has Tori reacted to Farrah's unprompted musings? Umm, she hasn't. Probably because she's too busy raising her four kids, and side-eyeing her husband.

Do you think Tori should heed Farrah's advice? Let us know below!

Source: Life & Style