Farrah Abraham Holds Sophia’s Pacifier Hostage While Wearing a Face Mask (VIDEO)
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Farrah Abraham Holds Sophia’s Pacifier Hostage While Wearing a Face Mask (VIDEO)

Can somebody please put out an APB for Sophia Abraham’s passy? Homegirl’s favorite binky is currently being held captive by a facial mask-wearing porn star! If we had a nickel...

It seems Farrah Abraham has locked her daughter’s pacifier inside of some air-tight tupperware and she’s desperate to get it out. In Farrah’s new Keek video, Sophia steals the pacifier’s prison in an attempt to free her beloved “sucky.”

We couldn’t make this up, folks.

“I’m doing a face mask as we all can see and look at my crazy boo boo,” Farrah declares behind her cucumber peel. “There is a sucky in here and somebody wants it. Soph’s turning into a pacifier monster. And here we are, this is our crazy morning every morning.”

Seriously? That’s it? You’re not going to show us whether or not Sophia is able to free her binky from its dungeon of doom? Talk about a cliffhanger!

As Farrah would say, that’s “nutsland”! Indeed.

Farrah has noted recently that Sophia’s pretty attached to her pacifier, posting a picture of the tot rocking her purple passy.

This is coming from the author of Passy Perfume, an emotional journey in which youngsters must give up their pacifiers in exchange for perfume ... and potentially facial masks ... we’re still unclear.

Maybe this new pacifier jail is Farrah’s latest attempt to wean Sophia off her binky. Do you think it will be successful? Watch the clip and tell us what you think below!

Source: Keek

08.7.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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