Farrah Abraham Honors Derek Underwood on His Birthday: “You Gave Me the Best Thing in This World”
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Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham Honors Derek Underwood on His Birthday: “You Gave Me the Best Thing in This World”

Farrah Abraham's life has changed a lot since the good ol' days of 16 and Pregnant, but this Teen Mom star hasn't forgotten her roots. Farrah's life before fame was just like any other teenager's, she went to high school, had a cute boyfriend, and hung out with her friends and family.

The only difference is that Farrah got unexpectedly pregnant at the tender age of 16, and ended up having to raise her daughter alone after her baby daddy, Derek Underwood, was killed in a tragic car accident.

Farrah and Derek were going through a rough patch at the time of his death, but he was a hugely important part of her life and she misses him every day. Farrah's made a concerted effort to make Derek part of her daughter Sophia's life, and recently took to Twitter to honor him on his birthday.

"I remember our 1st's & our worsts but you gave me the best thing in this world," she tweeted on May 8 along with a photo of Derek's gravestone. "Happy Birthday Derek we love & miss u."

This gal also posted a few throwback photos of herself and Derek as teens, including one of their first prom together — aka the night Farrah lost her virginity. "Our first & best #Prom," she tweeted along with a sweet pic. "I remember you were so worried about having sex, we talked about having a baby- love & miss u."

This isn't the first time Farrah's talked about her prom night. She also opened up about the event back in 2012 during a talk in Spartanburg, North Carolina. “There's a lot of peer pressure with having sex," Farrah said at the time.

"I ended up having sex at my first prom and I was completely against it until I got married, but my boyfriend was saying the right words and was talking about how perfect the night was, and I made a mistake.”

Thanks to some bad decision making, Farrah became pregnant with Sophia, but ultimately her life turned out for the best. This gal is raking in the big bucks thanks to her new job as a sex icon, and Sophia is happy and stable.

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