Farrah Abraham on Reconciling with Catelynn Lowell: “We Just Had a Sister Fight”
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Farrah Abraham on Reconciling with Catelynn Lowell: “We Just Had a Sister Fight”

Looks like there's no love lost between Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell! These Teen Mom stars are hot off the heels of an epic feud thanks to Farrah criticizing Catelynn's pregnancy and Catelynn slamming Farrah's backdoor, but they're ready to open a new chapter in their friendship, y'all.

Catelynn and Farrah recently hashed things out during the Couples Therapy All-Star Reunion hosted by Dr. Jenn Berman (which taped on August 8 in Los Angeles), and Farrah spoke to RadarOnline.com about their renewed friendship.

“Being torn apart by media was a sad case and it showed we have grown to be bigger than gossip reports and get back to reality in understanding each of our own lives,” Farrah tells Radar.

Farrah also explains that she and Catelynn have a sisterly bond, and that this fight was just a bump in the road. “When Caitlyn [sic] and I yelled at each other and then forgave and talked like years ago it felt like we just had a sister fight,” she says. “We wish each other the best and can’t wait to see what our futures bring.”

Sigh, Dr. Berman is clearly a miracle worker, and Farrah credits her for mending fences between herself and Cate. “Without Dr. Jenn [Berman] this would have never been possible,” she continues. “We love Dr. Jenn for her support, her courage and pushing us to be the best people we can be!”

We're so happy that Farrah and Catelynn have kissed and made up! Now maybe Farrah can make peace with the rest of the Teen Mom stars that she's alienated...

Source: RadarOnline.com