What Baby Bump? Farrah Shows Off Flat Stomach Amid Pregnancy Rumors (UPDATE)
farrah abraham baby bump snapchat

Farrah Abraham

What Baby Bump? Farrah Shows Off Flat Stomach Amid Pregnancy Rumors (UPDATE)


UPDATE (6/15/17 at 1:01 p.m. ET): 

Farrah Abraham is putting those pregnancy rumors to rest!

Despite ex-boyfriend Simon Saran claiming she’s pregnant, the Teen Mom OG star showed off her fit — and seemingly flat — stomach on Instagram Wednesday, June 14. 

Though the 26-year-old hasn’t commented on the rumors, we think this video says it all.

Yeah, we don't see a bump. 

Click on for more details.

Original Story (6/14/17 at 10:12 a.m. ET): 

Guys, WHAT is going on with Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran?

Yes, we know that could refer to a lot of things, so here's what we mean today. Is the Teen Mom OG star for reals pregnant, or is Simon trolling us, again?

Two days ago, the real estate developer refuted the pregnancy rumors, stating his on-again, off-again girlfriend was not expecting, just bloated.

farrah abraham baby bump snapchat

Hey, we've all been there.

But now he seems to be saying that food baby might be a baby baby. We can't.

After Simon shared another baby-bump-esque photo of Farrah, he seemed to have a different story for HollywoodLife.com.

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"She just may be 26 and pregnant," he told the website of the suspicious Snapchat.

Forgive us for rolling our eyes here. Also, is he serious? He literally said the opposite two days ago.

When pressed further, Simon said "yes" to a direct question of whether Farrah is pregnant, though he was a little more coy on the paternity.

"I think we should go on The Maury Show and find out!" he said in answer to that question. So charming.

The San Diego guy later went on Twitter to clarify, essentially admitting — you guessed it — he was just trolling.

It's par for the course with these two, though. Farrah has been notoriously sketchy on the subject of her relationship with Simon.

Credit: Instagram    

They're dating, they're engaged — with a ring she bought? — they're just friends. Friends who go to Jamaica together...

Who can even keep up at this point?! We literally follow her life like it's our job and we still don't get it.

Simon was a bit more open when it came to weighing in on some controversial statements Farrah's castmate Amber Portwood made about domestic violence, however.

In direct response to Amber's comments that "real women" don't report domestic violence, the 28-year-old characterized Leah's mom's comment as "so irresponsible."

We... agree? (The bimbo thing wasn't very nice, though.) Hey, a broken clock is right twice a day!

However, he did follow up to say something... In the end, let's not discourage her. She needs help from you #TeenMomOG fans!

— Simon (@SimonSaran) June 14, 2017 " target="_blank">surprisingly human. "In the end, let's not discourage her. She needs help from you #TeenMomOG fans!"


Wow, the guy contained multitudes.

So, to summarize, Farrah isn't pregnant — unless she is — and Amber is dead wrong about domestic violence. We're glad to get clarity on at least one thing in TMOG world this week!

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