Farrah Abraham Says Goodbye to Baby Sophia in Teen Mom Season 4, Episode 11
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Teen Mom

Farrah Abraham Says Goodbye to Baby Sophia in Teen Mom Season 4, Episode 11

Remember when Farrah went to Austin, made friends with a bunch of bats, propositioned her boyfriend, and was abandoned at the airport? Those were troubling times for so many reasons (again, bats), so thank the Ugg Lords girlfriend is back in Florida where she belongs.

According to Farrah, Daniel completely ignored her at his friend's backyard hoedown, but it's time to move on to greener pastures (aka mint chocolate chip ice cream).

Farrah has way too much going on her in life to deal with an uncommitted boyfriend — especially now that Sophia's getting ready to leave for an entire month! Farrah's arranged for her darling daughter to head back to Iowa with her mom so she can concentrate on culinary school, but the transition isn't easy.

Poor Farrah tries to smile and baby-talk her pain away, but there's no denying that she's making her world-famous crying face on the inside. Well, and on the outside. We've all seen the previews for next week....

Do you think Farrah will be able to make it through a whole month without her sidekick? Let's just hope she doesn't buy anymore impulse dogs to ease the pain.

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