Would Farrah Abraham Let Her Daughter Sophia Get Plastic Surgery?
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Farrah Abraham

Would Farrah Abraham Let Her Daughter Sophia Get Plastic Surgery?

We adore Saint Farrah Abraham for who she is on the inside (that brain, guys!. But one of the things she's most famous for — other than her backdoor — is going under the knife and having multiple surgeries.

Farrah's had two sets of breast implants, lip injections, and a nose job (oh, and we can't forget about the time she popped a chin implant in and out of her face), but guess what? She has zero regrets. "I would consistently look in the mirror and it was very sad," Farrah tells RumorFix. "I mean, you don't want to hate your face when you're looking at yourself, so it's pretty sad."

Farrah's a huge supporter of other women getting plastic surgery in order to feel happy and confident. But would she let her own daughter, Sophia Abraham, go under the knife?

"If she's coming to me with a chronic issue, and staring at herself every day in the mirror for hours and hours on end, yes," Farrah says. "[I'd say] 'let's go consult somebody who's knowledgeable about this, let's figure out what is the safest and healthiest thing to do, and not go overboard with it."

Are you surprised that Farrah would let Sophia get plastic surgery? Considering the fact that this broad waxed her kiddo's eyebrows while she was sleeping, we're hardly shocked. Take it to the comments and let us know what you think!

Source: RumorFix