Why Did Farrah Abraham Put Daughter Sophia in Therapy?
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Farrah Abraham

Why Did Farrah Abraham Put Daughter Sophia in Therapy?

Farrah Abraham might be livin' la vida loca with her BFF Coba the Poppin Boba, but there's no denying that her life in the spotlight could be having a negative effect on her daughter, Sophia. Though Farrah tries her best to keep Sophia away from the public eye, it's only a matter of time before this kiddo realizes that she and her mom are famous.

So, how does Farrah keep Sophia grounded? “I have my daughter going to therapy off and on," Farrah tells RumorFix. "She’s so well known people always recognize her. They’re like ‘Teen Mom and Farrah’ and sometimes my daughter is just talking about fame and those things. Because of all the popularity and people talking about it around her she starts acting that way.”

Farrah also hopes therapy will help Sophia come to terms with her father, Derek Underwood's death. "She keeps recognizing and missing that her dad is not there," Farrah says.

"I’ve done my best and I continue to do my best in approaching that not having her dad there in the best way and I think therapy is best.”

Ultimately, Farrah hopes therapy will help guide Sophia towards a "normal" life away from the limelight. "Look I don’t want my daughter to be screwed up and think she needs to be in front of the camera or being a talent person. It’s really a distraction,” Farrah explains.

“Not everyone goes through the things we go through. I try to make sure she has as normal life as possible and a great atmosphere and hopefully she’ll come out level headed.”

Sophia already has a strong head on her shoulders, so we're sure she'll turn out just fine! You know, if Farrah stops secretly waxing her eyebrows...

Source: RumorFix

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