Farrah Abraham to Tell Daughter Sophia About Sex Tape When She’s Older
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Farrah Abraham to Tell Daughter Sophia About Sex Tape When She’s Older

Farrah Abraham has been getting tons of attention since releasing her “private” porn vid, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom. Of course the critics out there are none too pleased with Farrah’s choices, especially since she’s got her 4-year-old daughter Sophia, to think about. Well, Farrah wants to let everyone know that she will tell her daughter about the infamous movie … when the time is right.

“I’ll tell her when she is around 13 [years old] and the periods start! We are just gonna sit down and have this talk so she can process her own way to ask me questions and make her own choices, and I think that will let her make way better choices than I have,” Farrah told Hollywoodlife exclusively on May 9.

The momtrepreneur made it very clear that she will have a talk about sexuality and sex when she’s older, so that she won’t make the same mistakes as her mother did.

"I'm making sure that when Sophia is going through puberty we have a real one-on-one so I break the cycle. I'm very responsible in that way as a parent," Farrah said during her radio interview with Nik Richie.

Though it’s slightly questionable to some as to how “responsible” Farrah really is. After all, she did sell her sex to a highly respected porn company and many believe that Farrah’s actions will haunt little Sophia as she grows up. When Nik brought up the possibility of Soph being teased on behalf of her mother making a porno, Farrah sternly replied, “No she won’t!”

“The plan is …” Farrah started “with the tape, with Teen Mom, with the book, there's all these sexual questions she may have, and I'll tell her my experience and what her mom was feeling at the time, and what I've learned. And she will know what is the best choice."

While we won’t know how Farrah’s decision to go public with sexcapades will affect Sophia, at least we know that Farrah loves her little girl and wants nothing but the best for her.

Do you think Farrah’s sextape will hamper Sophia’s future in any way? Tell us below!

Source: Hollywoodlife/Nik Richie

05.10.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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