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Burgeoning porn star Farrah Abraham has found love in a X-rated place, and she's currently dating Orlando-based DJ Brian Dawe! These two have been locking lips on the sly for about five months, but Farrah sent fans into a total panic when she took it to Keek to muse about cheating.

"What if you realized your man is cheating on you?" Farrah's freshly-injected lips pondered. "Would you stay through and be like 'He's gonna choose me or some other person, and like let's work through this?' Or would you just say, 'That's shady, goodbye, disgusting, you're gross?' Or like are you hurt and sad and you're not gonna date for a while? Like, what would happen if your man's cheating on you? Answer!"

Naturally, fans read between the lines and assumed that Farrah had been cheated on by Brian, but that couldn't be farther from the truth! Brian is setting the record straight, and confessed to Gather that he has "never cheated on any girlfriend" in his life.

Brian added that his gal pal was merely real-talking with her fans, saying, "Farrah is not referring to me. I am assuming it is just a general question she asked her fans and shouldn't be over analyzed. I have not specifically asked her about the video, but like I said, I believe it is a question she just wanted to put out there to her fans."

Phew, what a load off. Now we can sleep easy knowing that Brian is still very much in Farrah's life. Praise!

Are you relieved that Brian didn't cheat on Farrah, or are you too busy being hypnotized by her lips to care?

Source: Gather