Credit: Keek

Our eyes are permanently damaged from opening up Farrah Abraham's issue of Girls and Corpses. That's right, this macabre magazine's holiday spread is upon us, and our favorite Teen Mom-turned-porn star is featured. Boy, is she featured. Farrah can be found wearing an array of barely-there outfits while feeding rotting corpses bananas, and we expect our retinas to explode any minute now.  

However, one girl who's super stoked about the new issue of Girls and Corpses? That would be Farrah herself, who took it to Keek to express her excitement. In fact, she was so excited that she was barely able to form coherent sentences. Bless her heart.

"Girls and Corpses magazine is now out for the winter issue and I am so happy to be a part," Farrah pondered. "Grab some sneak peek scenes. Um, sneak preview scenes of the photoshoot on Girls and Corpses' website and be sure to start reading. There is watermelons, all sorts of fun stuff that I got to play with on the photoshoot!"

Well, it's official. We will never be able to eat a watermelon again. Sorry, Gary Shirley. Your crops are now irrelevant.

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