Credit: Keek Photo: Farrah Abraham Dishes on New Comedy Gig

You know who's been the butt of a lot of jokes lately? Our personal life coach, Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham. It's like, you make one measly porn tape and do just a few sex toy molds and suddenly everyone is mocking you. Pshhh.

Luckily, our girl Farrah has a sense of humor about herself, and now it looks like she's making an appearance on Comedy Central!

"I am going to be doing some funny stuff," Farrah Keeked from her hotel room in New York City. "So, look at your channels that are funny. I think we know that Comedy Central has it all!"

True that, Farrah. This A-lister didn't go into details about her appearance on Comedy Central, but she did tweet a picture of VIP tickets to Dave Attell's uncensored comedy show at the Village Underground. Hm, time for some sleuthing!

Turns out Dave has a brand new Comedy Central show in the works, and we're thinking it's possible that Farrah's either making an appearance on said show, or making an appearance during Dave's standup routine, which is also produced by Comedy Central.

Do you think Farrah will show up on Dave's show? Let the LOLs commence!