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Farrah Abraham is the gift that keeps on giving. This brunette bombshell made a name for herself on MTV's Teen Mom, transitioned into the world of porn, and now she's starring on VH1's Couples Therapy! So yeah, life is looking up for this backdoor beauty — aside for her spread in Girls and Corpses, which we're going to pretend never happened.

Credit: Twitter

Unfortunately, Farrah's entrepreneurial pursuits have prevented her from spending quality time with her daughter, but that changed when Sophia joined her mom for a day of filming! Yep, this mommy-daughter duo are once again sharing screen time together, and Farrah's thrilled that her mini-me is back in the spotlight.

"That's my baby wearing a mic," Farrah tweeted along with a photo of Sophia. "#CelebrityBaby #Star #FilmingTV."

Sigh, something tells us that Farrah's going to get a lot of criticism for this one! Most celeb parents are ultra-protective of their children being in the media (look at Kim Kardashian and Baby North, for example), and Farrah's decision to let Sophia be filmed could garner some backlash.

Do you think Farrah should keep her family out of the limelight (especially considering her X-Rated career path), or are you happy that Sophia is heading back to the small screen? Dish in the comments.