Credit: Keek

It looks like Farrah Abraham's dream is finally coming true! And we're not talking about her dream to open a "sober donut eatery" — we're talking about her dream to update her best-selling autobiography, My Teenage Dream Ended!

Back in October, Farrah announced plans to update the cover of her hit book, tweeting

"#FridayFavorite Book EVER! :) Thinking about a new cover (Sophia is even cuter now)."

Sounds great, but Sophia's face isn't the only one that's changed. Farrah's original cover features a picture of herself and her daughter voguing for the camera — well before Farrah's nose job, breast implants, lip injections, and dramatic weight loss. Though it doesn't look like she's changed the cover yet, girlfriend did take it to Keek to muse on a few other updates to the Great American Novel.

"Sophia and I did a lot of updates and work for my Teenage Dream Ended to keep our story fresh," Farrah informed fans while batting her eyelashes seductively. "Catch up with us, read this, share this, and we hope to see you guys!"

Consider our curiosity piqued. We can't wait to find out what additions Farrah made to her book (maybe she muses on that one awkward time she became a porn star?), but the real question is whether the story's groundbreaking accompanying album will also be updated. We need more of Farrah's vocoder in our lives!

Will you check out the new and improved edition of My Teenage Dream Ended? Weigh in below!