Credit: Twitter

Farrah Abraham has spoken so y'all better listen. Apparently, this backdoor beauty managed to take a break from writing another Great American Novel in order to read the news, and she's just figured out that Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is pregnant with her second child. Naturally, Saint Farrah has a few things to say about Jenelle's pregnancy, but shockingly she's been pretty supportive — especially considering that Jenelle hasn't held back when it comes to mocking her sex tape.

“I wish Jenelle all the health and happiness through her second pregnancy,” Farrah told “I hope she is taking this pregnancy more serious with planning financial security, a stable home and saying goodbye to unproductive actions and saying hello to a better future."

Aww, it looks like Farrah has turned a new leaf, bless her flawless heart! It wasn't long ago that this gal was engaging in online feuds with the likes of Charlie Sheen and Tan Mom, and we're so glad she's bestowing her blessings on Jenelle Evans.

So, what's Jenelle's response to Farrah's musing? She couldn't be happier! When a fan implied that Farrah was being negative, Jenelle shot back with "I didn't see anything negative said … I kno u r sticking up for me but she was nothing but positive."

Looks like this might be the start of a beautiful new friendship for Jenelle and Farrah. Who knows? Maybe they can even start sharing traveling pants — or better yet, collaborate on a new flavor of spicy Italian pepper sauce!